Oh yeah, I turned 29 two weeks.

Mortality and reality are rearing their ugly head. Fortunately, I don’t have that “I need to settle down” feeling that is apparently popular around this time of our lives. I don’t even have the “time to have a baby” feeling – doubt this one will ever happen. I do however ache for change.

I want to travel, move to another country for a year (Kenya), I want to find and tell stories of my continent through creativity and art of all forms. I want to study something completely outside of what I do. (Looking at a Social Sciences programme through Wits) and I want to feel like the cloud of uncertainty is gone. I want to be clear about my path and what I’d like to do with the next decade of my life. My twenties have been tumultuous at best and interesting at worst. I’m ready to be frightened and try something new. and with all that, God, can I find love in a life partner who doesn’t care that I don’t like to cook and care less about procreating and we can travel together and see the world and share in its wander. That reminds me, I’m falling behind on my wanderlust post

Anywho, thank you to all who shared birthday wishes and gave me gifts. New chapters are abound.


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Today is my birth day and am want to invite my firl friend sheeza.