I love being in beautiful surroundings. Actually I think the purpose of life is the discovery and experience of beauty in all it’s forms. That’s really what it’s all about, and what better place than a creative and inspiring space in a historic building in the heart of Cape Town.

Easily one of my favourite hang out spots in the city, Misael, is a breathe of fresh air and I always leave feeling amazed – food, art, design, fashion and music all in one.

Situated on Bree Street (103b Bree Street), Misael is more than you’d expect and more than you’ve experienced. It is not a traditional gallery / cocktail bar / fashion shop or anything else used to describe ordinary – it is rather a creative space filled with innovation, where you can browse, eat, drink and relax.

Fashion / Art / Food / Design / – take a bite out of life and inhale beauty, you won’t regret it.

Oh, and they host wicked parties! Plus Ayanda Holo is one heck of an interesting character who never turns down an engaging conversation on just about any subject matter.