My friend’s daughter celebrated her first birthday last week. It was a gorgeous and love filled day with lots of beautiful babies, toddlers, sun and laughter.

The week leading up to it had me wrought with anxiety because I could not find the perfect birthday gift. Do I get something for the baby? For her bedroom? For the parents to celebrate having kept a beautiful human alive and happy for year? If I got baby clothes, would I get the right size, right personality, right expression that wouldn’t offend the parents and something that won’t embarrass little girl when pictures surface at year wedding or 21st birthday? Would I get something that they already have or that someone would have also brought? See how nerve-wrecking gift buying is?!

Then I remembered that the best gifts are the ones you would also want for yourself.

I called Gareth of Babatunde to tell him that I needed something super cute in African print for a baby girl, he told me a designer from Benin had just dropped of some of her creations. I knew I’d made the right decision.

Bib and booties

Bib and booties

If they came in my size – they’d totally be mine.

For now, I’ll lust over these


Rahul vijay
Rahul vijay

Rahul is my best friend but am hate his habbits...

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