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It's finally here!!!

In Celebration of the King of Pop;

Nelson Mandela Square at Sandton City, and Coming Soon Productions Present:

The Michael Jackson MOONWALK TRIBUTE Celebration

Nelson Mandela Square Friday July 3 at 13h00

The death of Michael Jackson marks the end of an era. Fans across the world were deeply shocked and saddened at the sudden loss on JUNE 25th 2009.

His music, messages of humanity, fashion flare and charisma had a universal appeal. We all connect to him. Call it human nature or the man in the mirror; Michael Joseph Jackson collectively brings us together, it doesn't matter if you're black or white —we are the world.

"His 45 year career has touched all of our lives and this event will allow South Africa to be a part of this global celebration." -Akona Ndungane Event Creator

"Here in Johannesburg, South Africa, let's come together and pay tribute to the ICON that was Michael Jackson. Let's remember the time…" -Suede Director CSP

A Moonwalk Tribute event will take place at the Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City on Friday, July 3 between 1 and 2pm.

Our host's will be:

5fm's Gareth Cliff

Yfm DJ and Vuzu.Tv Presenter-Siyabonga Ngwekazi

Talk Radio 702's Aki Anastasiou

MTV's Fikile Moeti

SABC's Masetshsaba Lakalake

Audiences will also be able to enjoy performances from: The Repertoires Dancers, An Unplugged performance from a Surprise Guest and DJ Kenzhero will wow crowds with a Michael Jackson Medley, which will take spectators on a musical journey of the King of Pops greatest Hits.

We ask that in the spirit of the MOON WALK TRIBUTE, everyone Dress Michael Jackson Style; black shoes, and white socks are a must, glitter gloves are optional.

Please bring along an item of clothing or a blanket which will be handed over to various charities across Joburg.

The seventh, and hottest, issue of creative lifestyle magazine Studio83 is out!

Yours truly on the cover and wrote one of the feature articles. The theme of this edition is The world we know. A collection of stories, images and thoughts to inspire, educate and entertain! Truly an amazing magazine highlighting passion and making dreams happen.

Download your own copy now! Show some love and spread the word!!

Kudos to founder Gorgeous George, the contributors and all the people who helped make it happen!

Check it: www.studio83.co.za

All my Cape Town peeps, stand up and be counted.

Tumi and The Volume will be performing for the Cape Town masses tomorrow night at Party People, brought to you by DJ Kenzhero.

After a short tour in Europe recently, this is their first show since their return; so you best believe it'll be off the hook. As well as the fact they haven't graced Kaapstad with their unforgettable sounds in a minute!

Zula Sound Bar
Friday 26 June
Do not miss this one

P.S. For those that don't know what Party People is, worry not, Mosaic will school you soon enough…

I’m not too sure how I feel about this, but there is some hilarity in it. 

Yfm – Jozi’s youth radio station is looking for a young, talented white, male, vernac speaking radio presenter.

For as long I’ve paid attention to station they have catered to a majority black listenership; from the music, to the parties, the topics on air (however weak), the magazine (when it was still around), etc etc – but I guess in the world we live in these things don’t necessarily only define being black. 

I’m really looking forward to hearing what this is all about and if the so called blurring of racial lines will work as expected. I certainly wouldn’t mind a discussion around this topic and what it means in our society… and why should it be a male?

Y WANTS A WHITE BOY send link to a friend | archives | print
Gauteng youth radio station YFM has announced a nationwide search for its next radio star – a young white male. 

The radio station which broadcasts from Rosebank, Johannesburg, currently reaches more than 1,4 million listeners in the greater Gauteng area has been as a springboard for most of the radio stars now dominating the national airwaves: DJs such as Fresh, Phat Joe, Oskido, Bad Boy T, Rude Boy Paul, and DJ Sbu, have all been groomed by the station. 

Says marketing manager Tamaria Motsepe, “In a move bound to attract comment from the race- and gender-sensitive brigade, the station says it “fervently believes in affirmative action” and rejects “tokenism” and is therefore looking for a “hot white boy” to add to its lineup.””

YFM programming manager Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng, says “Urban youth culture and the popular lifestyle associated with it attracts a diverse audience. And although still predominantly black, the lifestyle proposition, particularly the music, cannot and should not be categorised along racial lines…We have seen an emergence of young white people who listen to our station and come to our parties.  But the new white DJ will be chosen not just for being white, but because of his unique talent and the ability to connect with our audience,” said Diaho-Monaheng.

He adds that “Applicants will be put to the test on air and will need to be able to hold their own interacting with the station’s robust and predominantly black male audience.”

The new Y DJ must meet the following criteria:

• White Male 
• Age: 18 – 25 
• Must speak vernacular aside from English and Afrikaans. 
• Must give a brief description of why he thinks he suits the YFM market 
• Must give an example of 4 songs he would choose to be on the YFM playlist

All applications must be submitted through YFM’s website www.yworld.co.za

Begging for excitement…

Those who know me know I won’t say no to a good time. I enjoy going out and trying new things. But see, going out in Jozi these days doesn’t feel like anything new.  I’m dying for a new experience, something eye opening, something mind blowing, something worth remembering – I speak specifically of soiree’s and bars here. 

For some reason it seems satisfying to most people to just have DJ’s and alcohol at a venue. Sure that can be fun with the right company or if served in a cool way, but what else is there to take pleasure in? Before I bitch too much, let me open your eyes to a few spots or events I’ve been to… then tell me that I shouldn’t want more.

Once upon a time I trotted the globe in search of originality in nightlife on a world tour called Smirnoff Experience, so I guess I know what I’m talking about when it comes to nights out.  Here is just a taste of ‘different’. I’ll put up more soon.

Bangkok Thailand:

Just off the famous Khoa San road, where there are still a few hidden gems to find in the tourist infested area, an old Shell Garage  / petrol station turned into a chilled drinking stop. Located around the corner from the bigger clubs and bars but far enough not to have to hear the doof-doof of whatever noise the party animals are headbanging to.  

Also on the weird and wonderful tip in Bangkok, found a Kombi (as Saffers call it) mobile bar decorated hippy style literally next to a large main road, located walking distance from the upmarket Gazebo Shesha bar and lounge is an uber cool unassuming pavement bar with an impressive menu of over 100 cocktails, served in plastic cups ofcourse. 

Sometimes it’s not all about the super lavish or the swanky>  Just a taste of different can make it special. One day I will find the Jozi gems and share. 

“Ibrahim’s latest is exactly what you’d imagine – a well-rounded, unclassifiable, genre-defying mix of innovative music. Somehow, Ibrahim manages to move from organic to electronic seamlessly in only a handful of tracks. This is an artist daring enough to erase boundaries that never should have existed.” — Okayplayer

Born in Vancouver, BC and raised between South Africa and Canada’s West Coast, Zaki Ibrahim spent her life moving between two culturally diverse worlds, culminating in her debut album, Eclectica (Episodes In Purple). Zaki’s music is captivating and vibrant. It’s thick with poetics and steeped in a delicious mixture of earnest emotion and social commentary.

The songs on Eclectica start with free-writing poetry and abstract pieces of writing, playing with words and couplets. On “You Choose” there is a lyrical message capturing the concept of directing your life and taking responsibility for your choices. It features samples, melodies, vocal stylings and lyrics from influential artists like James Brown, Sly and The Family Stone and more. In addition to collaborating with famed DJ/producer King Britt on “Money,” Zaki worked with Nick Holder on “Love/Like.” Zaki explains that on “Love/Like” she, “wanted a different sound and the harmonies somehow reminded me of water. I had never worked with water instruments before, like a Rainstick and the Udu, and it brought an ancestral/tribal tinge to the song.”

With a full length album in the works, Zaki will continue to break new ground, challenge assumptions and step outside her comfort zone. Her philosophy of making connections based on a mutual admiration for expression, creativity and the power of words, directs Zaki’s path. Expect the unexpected as Zaki continues to grow as an artist.


Zaki Ibrahim
Eclectica (Episodes In Purple)Red Ink Music
Album * Out Now

Check out her site

Have I ever told you about my bookCLUB? No. Damn

Well, long story short, it is a group of strong, smart, beautiful, upwardly mobile, creative, witty, and independant women. Friends, colleagues, partners in crime and future presidents. 
We get together, inspire each other, challenge each other, and we are a formidable group of women who are about to take over the world. 

Tuesday bookCLUB get togethers are not as innocent as they sounds – we party like rockstars and fully bring the house down. 
Don’t be fooled though, we read; …. the cocktail menu and wine list! 

Tonight we celebrate Anele’s 25th birthday. I’m scurred!!!
It’s going to be the party of all parties!! Look out for pics and unforgettable moments in the next few days!

bookCLUB; We go hard!

I was kind of cyberstalking my new favourite artist of the moment, and bumped into something so amazing and special my heart got a little tug. I found this gorgeous pic of Somalian rapper / poet / singer K’naan … his hat caught my attention soon after his eyes and lips (okay stop salivating) and I googled the words hoping it was something good. Thankfully, it was. Drum roll please…. Write on Africa

Write on Africa is an initiative brought to us by Word of Art productions – working together with established as well as up and coming graffiti artists and painter alike to create beauty in otherwise not so beautiful places. But here’s the catch, they don’t just do it for their own praise, but also to inspire others and have develop impoverished communities.

Write on Africa was started in 05 to support the sometimes vilified art form of graffiti. Showcasing deserving and spectacular work to help change the stereotypically negative view some may have on graffiti. 

This initiative touched me for the way in which they create platforms for artists as well as opening up doors that some people may have never known were even there. 

The Write on Africa ‘event’ with a live street art auction in an attempt to raise money for a township mural campaign is something I would have loved to experience. It happened in April of this year and basically artists created masterpieces that went on auction – money from that going toward creating beauty in and around Cape Town townships with wall murals. The murals have a kind of butterfly effect: ‘On many past experiences we have had kids sit around all day and admire the magical worlds that unfold as we create before their eyes, and when completed they take the initiative to collectively clean up the area surrounding the mural’

Their vision is about creative inspiration and urban rejuvenation through special events, initiatives and Art in public space – If you’ve ever been to a township you’ll fully understand how thirsty for beauty the streets are, you’ll fully appreciate what a project like this can do to quench those parched roads.

Artists: Rasty (love love love), Mak1one, faith47, black koki, senyol, 351073

All Write on Africa initiatives are documented and exposed internationally on the website.

I’m itching to get involved. 

This is one of the few events on the continent that will not only truly showcase our talent, creativity and diversity but also unite us.

I’m salivating at the thought of designers from across Africa exhibiting their wares for scores of people around the globe. This is an amazing initiative. All eyes on Africa!

Book these days NOW!
12 – 19 June 2009

Photo: Reuters

Inaugural Africa Fashion Week 2009 to draw world attention  

The African fashion industry will be scoring the winning goal during the upcoming FIFA Confederations Cup in June, with the announcement of the inaugural Africa Fashion Week taking place in Johannesburg in June.

African Fashion International (AFI), which runs Cape Town, Joburg and Durban fashion weeks, will present an eight-day showcase of the continents’ leading designers from 12 to 19 June 2009 at the Sandton Convention Centre, culminating with the African Fashion Awards. Africa Fashion Week will replace the more localised Joburg Fashion Week on this years spring/summer calendar.

“Global attention will be firmly focused on Joburg during the Confederations Cup, and Africa Fashion Week will afford the continent’s top design talent the opportunity to attract world’s attention, says Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, AFI chairperson. ” It is our mission to take African fashion to the world and this Pan-African showcase is a fulfilment of that aspiration.”

Dr Moloi-Motsepe added that African Fashion Week would benefit the South African textile industry, inter African trade as well as capitalise on global interest in the continent as a creative source.