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Oh yeah, I turned 29 two weeks.

Mortality and reality are rearing their ugly head. Fortunately, I don’t have that “I need to settle down” feeling that is apparently popular around this time of our lives. I don’t even have the “time to have a baby” feeling – doubt this one will ever happen. I do however ache for change.

I want to travel, move to another country for a year (Kenya), I want to find and tell stories of my continent through creativity and art of all forms. I want to study something completely outside of what I do. (Looking at a Social Sciences programme through Wits) and I want to feel like the cloud of uncertainty is gone. I want to be clear about my path and what I’d like to do with the next decade of my life. My twenties have been tumultuous at best and interesting at worst. I’m ready to be frightened and try something new. and with all that, God, can I find love in a life partner who doesn’t care that I don’t like to cook and care less about procreating and we can travel together and see the world and share in its wander. That reminds me, I’m falling behind on my wanderlust post

Anywho, thank you to all who shared birthday wishes and gave me gifts. New chapters are abound.


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This morning read something about Dove creating a Beauty Patch to help women feel more beautiful

I was skeptical and properly rolled my eyes.

I watched a video showing the journey of women feeling more beautiful. At first I was annoyed with the idea that confidence was just a patch. I wondered what chemicals these women were putting into / onto their body. I was practically screaming at my computer screen “you have to love yourself, all of you, as you are, and you have to work at it”.

I felt a little cheated watching these women take the short cut on a road I’ve been struggling with recently – not feeling beautiful. I don’t think it matters if someone else thinks I am, it’s about me believing and feeling my best, and for a little while my mojo was gone. She’s coming back though.

No short cuts, but I realised that any helping hand, big or small, to believe in yourself goes a long way, so I’m not mad at Dove for continuing to be that helping hand – no matter how strange it is

Watch the Dove Beauty Patch journey. And remember to smile. (They say smiling even if you don’t feel like it tricks the brain to think all is well and stop fretting over the little things)

Let us begin by me saying I am not a mother. I don’t have a maternal bone in my body. I do like to care, and nurture, but in small doses. I love little babies, their ‘seeing everything for the first time’ eyes and the joy in their laughter and the innocence, and how compact they are. But I love even more the fact that I can hand them back to their creators once the cute wears off, which it often does

Something else that I found I enjoy is asking the moms “personal” questions. I want to know all about pregnancy, the pretty and not so pretty stuff. I like to know what child birth feels like, not just about the screaming aching parts we see in the movies. I like to know these things; what does breast feeding feel like, what does it mean when you spend hours just staring. Do you like the way your baby smells, and those moments I’ve seen with my own sister, mother to my nephew, when moms just break down while trying to calm their crying baby. Strange, I know, considering I don’t want to be a mother.

Here comes a blog that asks moms about the journey into motherhood. The things our moms never told us and that Hollywood glazes over. The intimate and beautiful. The frightening and affirming. Those moments that moms talk about amongst themselves, but not really outside of that circle.

JohoMoms. Started by mother Nandi Dlepu recently, interviews mother in Joburg about their story. I imagine it is a place for moms to share and a bit of community. For me, it’s a peep hole into all the things I love to know. After every article, I’m left smiling, not wishing, just pleased. Happy.

It’s a aesthetically pleasing and simply laid out blog and the content is well thought through. Honest and beautiful accounts.

Check it out. It might make you broody, it may offer you insight, it may deter you, it may affirm and confirm things. Either way, it is a lovely space of sharing.

I particularly loved the interviews with my cousins Matahle and Yonda on their experiences. Of course I am biased so do go read for yourself.


Great initiative Nandi!

Almost didn’t recognise myself. So much of happy.

IMG-20140307-WA0000 IMG_11247684366844

It’s been a tough start to the year, so when I saw these I felt like everything was going to be alright.

Captured at the first wedding of the year; my beautiful friends Rose & Nash said their vows surrounded by and sharing love at a gorgeous venue in Muldersdrift.

Images by Natalie Noels.

Photobomber: Bontle Buddy Modiselle

There’s a sweet little eatery in Bryanston called The Local Kitchen Co that I frequent for tummy hugs quite often. On days when my office bound self is too busy to go out for a meal during the day I order and have these babies delivered to the office. Who said meal on the “run” hadsto be yuk?

The Burger Sliders:

2014-03-11 11.03.39

1. Beef patty with bacon and cheese. 2. Beef patty with avocado and pepperdew. 3. I usually ask for chicken patty here, with creamy jalepeno topping. So delicious.

Their entire menu is well worth a try, and the smoothies are so fresh and yum. 

The Local Kitchen

Thathi’sgubu, thathi’sgubhu….

It’s been almost a decade since the sensational kwaito / afrobeat band were together to dazzle and enchant us mere mortals. BONGA MAFFIN are going to be on stage, in 2014, this weekend. All four original members. Thanks to Castle Milk Stout #CMSNightPicnic.

When last did we have such good news? I mean, Speedy and his towel will be there, Stoane with that voice and words I sang along to without knowing the meaning, Appleseed and all his dreaded glory and of course, the irreverent King Tha! This is truly a once in a decade situation.

I still can't believe it.

I still can’t believe it.


It’s going to be a night picnic session in Wemmer Pan (where is that?) on Saturday 22 February. Also on the line-up are hot as fuck (looks? maybe. skill? fuck yeah) DJ’s Kenzhero (I never know how to spell his name), Sphe, Ndubble, Vigi and Amu (Amu DJ’s?)

How do we go? (I say we because i too had to do this)

  1. Log on to Facebook
  2. Go to Castle Milk Stout SAB page
  3. Click on the competition tab
  4. Fill in your details in the form and cross fingers.

The competition closes this Friday 21 Feb. So get on it.



Once in a while and less often that I would like, I do something kind for myself. This varies from telling myself sweet nothings in the mirror, writing myself love letters, getting myself flowers to wrapping each book I buy so that when I am ready to read it, I get to unwrap a gift. (Usually this also means I do not know what I’m about to start reading from my pile of self-gift books. Fun)

Recently, I purchased myself a ‘happy new year, you are awesome’ gift and I love her! She depleted the ‘you are awesome’ fund quite a bit, but good heavens she is beautiful.

2014-02-12 16.14.18

Something must be said about opening up an Apple product. I’m pretty sure angel’s sing every single time.

I’ve named her Vanilla (my favourite scent and taste). So anyway, as with every coveted item, Vanilla needs friends and I saw two friends who would be perfect for her. I Need, I Want, I Lust.

Old School Satchel


These gorgeous old schools satchels come in various sizes to fit your life into beauty – 11, 13 and 15 inch. Hand crafted leather bags in delicious colours such as fire engine red, chocolate brown, everglade green, petal pink, electric rose and more.

mellow_yellow_small_oldschoolsatchel_1Vanilla would be so snug in the 11inch mellow yellow satchel.

www.oldschoolsatchel.co.za for your dose of ctrl+alt+love


Vanilla’s other future friend is this really awesome, collapsible, sustainable material (whatever that means) laptop stand from the clever people at Raw Studio’s.

The Standup




How slick and sexy is this? And only R170

Raw Studios (based in Pretoria) also have some other pretty ‘raw material’ goodies like stools, cabinets, tables and more on their website to like, like, love