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You know about my burger heaven right?
I’ve talked about it here and here...

A few weeks ago, the kind people at Dukes invited the Ogilvy and SaysWho teams over for lunch to thank us for designing and creating the new look Rock Wednesday Menu.
The Wednesday only menu is a collaboration with DSTV music channel MK,  the heavenly burger joint and popular South African bands – together they came up with fantastic creative meals exclusive to Dukes.

On this particular afternoon, I couldn’t decide between two offerings:
The Pestroy and The Bittereinder. Ended up with the latter. So delicious. So much flavour.

 Yum with Gin, tonic and cucumber….

You neeed to go. Every day, but particularly on Wednesdays.

Will post more of the menu later

Mili and I had a fabulous (albeit short) lunch session  a couple weeks ago. She had suggested Great Dane in Braamfontein (we both had never been but had heard whispers from some cool kids).

It is a new spot that (according to some local blogs and articles) opened sometime in March. It’s right next door to Kitcheners and opposite the Neighbourgoods Market location.

We sat out in the quiet court yard on mismatched chairs and had a recycled wooden table to place our phones, smokes and things. (recycled: I can’t remember what it was exactly, i just remember knowing it was a re-purposed something)
I especially loved the indoor floor made completely of Bronze 5c coins. So cool.

Their menu, which might not be the most famous thing right now (alcohol is more popular), is made up of gourmet hot dogs. Gourmet hot dogs. There were about 15 or so yummy-reading items. I had the ‘Aloha’ with chilli, pineapple, bacon, onion and some other deliciousness I can’t quite recall at this moment. (Yes, I should have blogged it sooner)


Will be back

no one knows what it means but its provocative, it gets the people going”

Found out yesterday that Siyabonga Ngwekazi aka ScoopMakhathini was launching his new label, Pieces by Pap, that he designed..
FOMO is not my friend, so I made missions to gatecrash the soiree at Arts on Main last night, and so very glad I did.

Pieces by Pap is a baby I think has been long overdue. Siya is incredibly stylish young man who has conversations with the world through his attire. This impresses me especially because I believe that ‘expression is the key to our reality’ and this multi-talented young man was due to share his style and expression with the world through fashion he creates.

Thomas Gumede, friend, comedian and co-star of reality show Forever Young,  was the MC for the evening, and introduced his friend as only Thomas can, with humour and respect and awe-inspiring love that filled the room. His pride could not be missed.
Scoop then thanked us for being there and introduced us to 4 samples of his men’s pieces. I apologise for not taking any picture of the items.

Fish Eagle was part sponsor of the evening, and I was pleasurably distracted by this Fish Eagle ginger cocktail that I just couldn’t get enough of.

The evening was rather enjoyable, met some fantastic people, including the refreshing empress and iSangoma @Noksangoma,  caught up with some other lovely people I hadn’t seen in a while. Twas fun.

Here are the pictures I did manage to take.

 Lethabo ‘Boogy’ Maboi of Trunks and Cast, was in the BEST outfit of the night!

 Phuti laced the beats. Check her out on Soundcloud

And of course, the man of the moment.

I absolutely love these gorgeous African print shoesies I got from the ever gracious Maria McCloy
She has different styles, fabrics and shapes. From pumps to wedges and these brogues. Gorgeous!

You should visit her stall at the Sunday Market on Main and see some more of her beautiful wares on sale.
Her stall always has the best gems at incredibly affordable prices.

Thanks Maria

Seeing this screen grab made me feel like there were some sane people in the world who instead of telling people to not get raped, focus the energy on teaching people to not rape. Shifting the blame to the victims has  always been something that completely boggles my mind – it never will be the victims fault. No one ‘asks’ for it.Rape and sexual abuse stats are at such alarmingly high rates that people have almost become numb to the crime.

By the way. If you are a survivor, or near survivor, you can share your story, read other shared posts, find information on help centres and resources over here: www.isaidno.co.za (anonymous or not) – 

I said No is an initiative to Break the culture of silence. Victim shaming, anadded pain to the stripping of dignity and security that rape does, has become a norm, and survivors, for that and many more reasons, do not report their rapes and or sexual abuse. Let’s end this, let’s talk about it, let’s stop the disrespect of people’s bodies. 

Okay, done preaching (for now).
Head on over to ISaidNo – heartbreaking but necessary

And now… a moving PSA

Hey You
You with the piercing eyes, hair that tickled me gently, skin so soft and smooth, lips that loved all of me…
You with that beautiful mind, complicated soul, voice that carried so many stories untold
You,  I liked getting entangled with in conversation and coitus
I really liked your company, and making out with you


I love clever designs with lots of hidden things that don’t necessarily jump out at you immediately.
Buzzfeed collected a few fantastic logos that have hidden meanings; some I’d never realised before. The use of negative spaces to create images fascinates me.

See the hand that makes “my”

Baskin Robbins has 31 ice cream flavours – see the number
See the city between the legs

Check out the rest = http://www.buzzfeed.com/ivanr4/great-logos-with-a-secret-meaning-1uq3