I’m going to be an Aunty….. I have preggy friends and family, and I’ve already become imaginary God mother and Aunty to all the little people coming into this world

I absolutely cannot believe how excited I am for these miniature beings. I can’t wait to hold them, smell their new soft skin and listen to them breathe, look into their eyes and send a little prayer up for them to be awesome and happy for a long long life.

I can’t wait to see the anxious and excited mommies. I can’t wait to see pictures and listen to stories about everything, from poop diaries to first words and first smiles. This is such an exciting time. Makes me all warm and fuzzy

Look at this beautiful picture of UrbanMosadi and her partner with their oven of love, shot by Max Mogale…

I’m going to be an Aunty!!!!!!!! Little people everywhere….