Last week Thursday, 15 April, I went to the opening of “100 years of African Art” at the
South African National Gallery in Cape Town titled “From Pierneef to Gugulective. Local artists showcasing their talents. The exhibition takes place in the entire gallery, so there is a lot to see.

It was cold – I mention this because I arrived at 6pm hoping to have missed the speeches, but alas, had to grin through them with the Cape Town creeping up my skirt and making me regret the outfit of the day, an outfit that had taken me a little longer than usual to put together. (I couldn’t decide which belt to put on)

The beaded belt won the toss.

The artwork was mostly interesting, but after a while it just felt monotonous. One of the few pieces that caught my eye was this one:

pic from Skattie

Ran into one of my favourite artists – Athi, who also has a video showing at the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until September and is a must see. Even though I wasn’t moved too much, you might be.