I was kind of cyberstalking my new favourite artist of the moment, and bumped into something so amazing and special my heart got a little tug. I found this gorgeous pic of Somalian rapper / poet / singer K’naan … his hat caught my attention soon after his eyes and lips (okay stop salivating) and I googled the words hoping it was something good. Thankfully, it was. Drum roll please…. Write on Africa

Write on Africa is an initiative brought to us by Word of Art productions – working together with established as well as up and coming graffiti artists and painter alike to create beauty in otherwise not so beautiful places. But here’s the catch, they don’t just do it for their own praise, but also to inspire others and have develop impoverished communities.

Write on Africa was started in 05 to support the sometimes vilified art form of graffiti. Showcasing deserving and spectacular work to help change the stereotypically negative view some may have on graffiti. 

This initiative touched me for the way in which they create platforms for artists as well as opening up doors that some people may have never known were even there. 

The Write on Africa ‘event’ with a live street art auction in an attempt to raise money for a township mural campaign is something I would have loved to experience. It happened in April of this year and basically artists created masterpieces that went on auction – money from that going toward creating beauty in and around Cape Town townships with wall murals. The murals have a kind of butterfly effect: ‘On many past experiences we have had kids sit around all day and admire the magical worlds that unfold as we create before their eyes, and when completed they take the initiative to collectively clean up the area surrounding the mural’

Their vision is about creative inspiration and urban rejuvenation through special events, initiatives and Art in public space – If you’ve ever been to a township you’ll fully understand how thirsty for beauty the streets are, you’ll fully appreciate what a project like this can do to quench those parched roads.

Artists: Rasty (love love love), Mak1one, faith47, black koki, senyol, 351073

All Write on Africa initiatives are documented and exposed internationally on the website.

I’m itching to get involved.