Begging for excitement…

Those who know me know I won’t say no to a good time. I enjoy going out and trying new things. But see, going out in Jozi these days doesn’t feel like anything new.  I’m dying for a new experience, something eye opening, something mind blowing, something worth remembering – I speak specifically of soiree’s and bars here. 

For some reason it seems satisfying to most people to just have DJ’s and alcohol at a venue. Sure that can be fun with the right company or if served in a cool way, but what else is there to take pleasure in? Before I bitch too much, let me open your eyes to a few spots or events I’ve been to… then tell me that I shouldn’t want more.

Once upon a time I trotted the globe in search of originality in nightlife on a world tour called Smirnoff Experience, so I guess I know what I’m talking about when it comes to nights out.  Here is just a taste of ‘different’. I’ll put up more soon.

Bangkok Thailand:

Just off the famous Khoa San road, where there are still a few hidden gems to find in the tourist infested area, an old Shell Garage  / petrol station turned into a chilled drinking stop. Located around the corner from the bigger clubs and bars but far enough not to have to hear the doof-doof of whatever noise the party animals are headbanging to.  

Also on the weird and wonderful tip in Bangkok, found a Kombi (as Saffers call it) mobile bar decorated hippy style literally next to a large main road, located walking distance from the upmarket Gazebo Shesha bar and lounge is an uber cool unassuming pavement bar with an impressive menu of over 100 cocktails, served in plastic cups ofcourse. 

Sometimes it’s not all about the super lavish or the swanky>  Just a taste of different can make it special. One day I will find the Jozi gems and share.