Mili and I had a fabulous (albeit short) lunch session  a couple weeks ago. She had suggested Great Dane in Braamfontein (we both had never been but had heard whispers from some cool kids).

It is a new spot that (according to some local blogs and articles) opened sometime in March. It’s right next door to Kitcheners and opposite the Neighbourgoods Market location.

We sat out in the quiet court yard on mismatched chairs and had a recycled wooden table to place our phones, smokes and things. (recycled: I can’t remember what it was exactly, i just remember knowing it was a re-purposed something)
I especially loved the indoor floor made completely of Bronze 5c coins. So cool.

Their menu, which might not be the most famous thing right now (alcohol is more popular), is made up of gourmet hot dogs. Gourmet hot dogs. There were about 15 or so yummy-reading items. I had the ‘Aloha’ with chilli, pineapple, bacon, onion and some other deliciousness I can’t quite recall at this moment. (Yes, I should have blogged it sooner)


Will be back