As much as I have been m.i.a. on this here blog, I have been keeping tabs on some of my fav’s –  which I’d like to share with you…


ThoughtCatalog is my daily fix of random, non-fiction, opinion and entertainment in the form of words on a clutter free website. Boasting a bevy of brilliant contributors to keep me swimming in lexicon, laughing in familiarity, nodding in agreement and raising my eyebrows at opposing opinions. I have no idea how the contributors are selected, but almost all of them can stay in my good books. I love it. … and as per the site’s “About” section – I am, in a way, supporting the future of journalism.

Start with my favourite article: An Open Letter to That Guy at That Party with a Spare Cigarette
…and don’t ever stop



The Mixed Tape Diaries blog belongs to easily one of the most dynamic women I know. An incredibly interesting, articulate, and fabulous friend named Tumelo Moema. She feeds her baby almost weekly with a collection of all the things that fuel her and make her smile. From music to photography, fashion, inspiring people, poetry and a little bit of who she is. I wish she would post some images of her fashion style – the woman can dress. The blog truly is a beautiful mix tape of her love. (I may have said this before, but it bears repeating – I love South African bloggers who care, and she is one of them)

If the blog isn’t enough – follow her on Twitter – @2Mellow


Wow. A collection of mesmerising pictures sourced from all over of beautiful black people. Not that there are ugly people excluded. Or that there are ugly people in the world.  More like I’m having a moment with myself (a fulfilling exhale) at the thought of how beautiful black people are. *heavy*
Just glide on over to Le Coil and smile, and breathe, and be intrigued, and be appreciative of the beauty before you. 
(Thanks to MissMilliB for the link)

Blog Love over for now….