Hip hop has no boundaries!

Under a veil of secrecy, the man himself could not be kept away from the magnetism of the 24hr Project. You can’t chain creative innovation

Let’s give a round of applause to PROVERB!

He’s just landed in Cape Town from Joburg, with one purpose and one purpose alone – to make history with Illiterate Skill!

He hasn’t heard any of the other tracks, his plan is to let the powerful energy bubbling over in the Red Bull Studios guide and inspire him. Currently listening to one of the beats available, ProVerb getting ready to blow up the mic on the eighth track of the day! Can’t wait to hear it.

Check out ProVerb for more info – this right here is a busy man!

If you fancy, you can follow him twitter too

#CapeTownWins! #Skillzthatpaythebillz